I’ve been perusing ideas through books, magazines and online for several months now (we have been engaged since September 2009) and have decided that I needed to compile everything so that it’s not just jumbled up in my head but actually put together in an organized manner. I have had a few word documents on my computer that outlined my ideas and plans for my wedding and have considered buying a wedding planner book, but decided that I didn’t need one of those and compiled instead my own system.

First, this is my sewing/crafting area along with my wedding books and magazines.

I got my organizer with the fabric boxes at Target, along with my plastic drawer organizer (I also have another plastic bin cart that you can’t see).  The plastic magazine holders and boxes I ordered from ABC Distributing  for about $5 for a package of five.

The next step was organizing the info that I collected with items that I got at Target.

This little notebook I have written down supplies I need so that when I’m out and about and see sales and such, that I know what I need to get.  I also carry a swatch of my bridesmaid dress material and keep this in my purse.

In the mid-size notebook I’ve written down all of my ideas and DIY projects so that they’re all in one area and I can keep track of things.  I plan to mark each project off as I complete it.  This one is essentially my wedding planner.

The last one is a file folder where I keep pages that I’ve torn out of magazines, brochures, and pages that I’ve printed off the net.  I’m also keeping the receipts in here so that everything is organized and I don’t have to go searching for anything.  It’ll all be right here.  When I first bought this file folder I kept pictures of wedding and bridesmaid dresses and ceremony/reception decor ideas, but as I have all of that nailed down, it’s evolved into a place to keep my how-to’s and plans for the wedding along with important vendor information and receipts.

Lastly,  I’ve used post-it’s to mark projects in my DIY wedding books so that I can find them quickly.  I initially considered copying each project and putting them in my file folder, but decided that it was better and more economical to just mark the pages and use the books when I go to make each project.

It did take me a while to compile and organize all of my info and DIY plans, but it was definitely worth it, as I am free from clutter and now know where everything is!  I hope this helps you with organizing your own wedding space.