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I found this project in The DIY Bride Crafty Countdown by Khris Cochran and adapted it a little bit.  This project uses lace doilies and fabric stiffener.  My future mother-in-law made the two doilies for my project from a vintage pattern and I think they are kind of Art Deco-esque.  You could use vintage doilies for this project and recycle them into baskets.  I had been looking for some at thrift stores and on etsy before my future MIL decided to crochet these beautiful doilies herself. 🙂


— Lace Doily (probably about 8″-12″)

— Liquid Fabric Stiffener ( I used Aleene’s Fabric Stiffener & Draping Liquid)

— Bowls (for the forms)

— Ribbon (or something like it for the handle)

Here is one of my doilies, I took it outside for the first process, following the book’s directions, but found it was easier and cleaner to put the doily in a ziploc bag in order to saturate it with the fabric stiffener.

Lace Doily

After placing the doily in the plastic bag, I poured the fabric stiffener it, working it into the doily and squeezing out the excess.

Saturating doily with fabric stiffener

Then I covered a bowl with saran wrap (you could also use aluminum foil) and draped the doily over it.  Since my doily was bigger than the bowl(s) I was using, I elevated the bowls with a couple of plastic cups.  Just make sure that you put paper towels under the bowls so there’s no chance of the fabric stiffener dripping on your table (or countertop in my case).

Doily molding on bowl form

It took nearly a day for the doilies to dry, so make certain that you have adequate time for this project.  You don’t want to start decorating the baskets until they’re dry.

Both doilies almost dry

I made my baskets a little bit different shape from each other so that they aren’t exactly the same.

Dried doily baskets

When the doilies were fully dried I cut about a 14″ piece of ribbon (I used 7/8″ grosgrain ribbon) for the handle.  The length would depend on the size of your basket and how long you want the handle.  I then tied the ribbon on each size of the basket, making sure that it was even and hung level.

Finished basket with ribbon handle

To finish my baskets, I wove 1/4″ satin ribbon into my baskets and used silk roses to adorn the edges of the handles where I tied them to the baskets.  There is also some 1/4″ ribbon woven into the bottoms of the baskets which you really can’t see from the photos.

Finished lace doily flower girl baskets

Now my vintage flower girl baskets are all ready to be filled with rose petals!