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I made these combs for my bridesmaids and although they are not quick to make, they were quite simple with the right tools and materials.

Peacock feather beaded hair comb (photo by Rachel Gorham)

Materials needed:

— seed beads

— jewelry wire

— swarovski crystals

— hair combs

— felt

— peacock feathers (small eyes)

— glue gun and glue sticks

— beading thread

— beading needles

First, I followed this tutorial to make the beaded flowers, using size 11 seed beads in various colors to coordinate with my bridesmaid’s dresses.  I added swarovski crystals in the centers of my beaded flowers to add a little sparkle.  I formed a wire loop on the backs of the flowers so that I could later sew them on.

The next step was to cut strips of felt the same length as my combs. I used faux tortoiseshell combs and green felt, of which I only needed to buy a small piece of felt for this project.  I then cut and trimmed my peacock feathers and arranged them on my pieces of felt before adhering the quills with hot glue.  I tried different methods for the feathers and found that a small amount of hot glue worked the best.  After the glue dried I beaded the felt strips with coordinating seed beads over the feather stems, covering up the glue.  If you are not a beader, I’d suggest reading some beading tutorials first before proceeding.  You could stop here if you just want a beaded peacock feather without the flower, like this one I made for my a good friend who read a literary passage during our ceremony.

Peacock feather beaded hair comb (photo by Rachel Gorham)

After I completed my beaded felt strips I sewed my beaded flowers on to the strips, sewing around the back wire loop and into the middle of my felt strip, avoiding the hot glue, feathers and between the rows of beads.  Sew until the flower is firmly in place and then place a strip of hot glue on the back of the felt and affix to the comb.

And then you’re done and hopefully will end up with something like this:

Peacock feather beaded hair comb