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Yes…. two posts in one day…. but I figured this one went with the last post, so may as well post it!


This DIY project carries on the vintage theme from our “It Happened One Night” Save-the-Dates.

Vintage Movie Poster Save-the-Dates

First off, I made a long list of movies from the 1920’s and 30’s that had names that didn’t sound improper for a wedding.  You can change this around to whatever your wedding theme is.  You’ll need enough to cover all of your tables and if you’re doing this far in advance like I did, have a few extra titles.

Photo by Rachel Gorham

Then I googled each movie title and if I liked the poster, I found the biggest one I could and saved it  After I’d found all of the posters that I liked, I posted them into a prepared Microsoft word document and resized them to fit.  I split my documents into two columns and narrowed all of the margins, putting the photo on one side and the table number on the other, making sure that it was all centered nicely.  You don’t have to add the table number, but I found it easier when making a seating chart and also for guests to find the table.  I put my table numbers in an Art Deco font to go with our vintage theme.

Photo by Lone Pine Photography

Then, I printed them out in color on heavy cardstock.  When I made my word documents for these, I had also added a center line between the columns, which made it easy to cut.  We used a paper cutter to cut these and them put them together with a glue stick, so that one side was the poster and the other was the table number and added a piece of colored (ours was purple) cardstock leftover from our programs in the center to frame it.  It also added some thickness to stand in the centerpiece.

Photo by Lone Pine Photography

I bought clear plastic card holders (the same that florists use) on ebay to put the table cards in each potted plant centerpiece.  They worked very well for this and were super cheap as I bought like 50 for just a couple of bucks.  Much easier and cheaper than other methods I looked at for holding table cards!

Photo by Lone Pine Photography

And of course the “It Happened One Night” theme from our Save-the-Dates continued into our wedding, as we had another poster from the movie as our table card at our sweetheart table! ❤