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My mother-in-law makes couture fashions for dolls (Doll Fashions by Alana) and creates some really outstanding historic and film fashions.  Since dolls are her specialty, she offered to make us both her signature bridal fashions and a vintage style custom cake topper.  The bridal dolls are made using the same materials as my wedding gown and mantilla veil and it’s all a pretty close recreation of our wedding day attire.  They were quite a hit at our wedding and are wonderful heirloom keepsakes of our wedding day.

Our Custom Cake Topper

Custom cake topper by Alana Bennett and pansy cake by Karen Cutter (photo by Lone Pine Photography)

Custom cake topper by Alana Bennett (photo by Rachel Gorham)

My mother-in-law doesn’t usually make these as the dolls are expensive and hard to find, but she found these and made tiny little outfits for them.  I had considered using the topper from my grandparents’ 1946 wedding,  but kept their topped packed away and made new memories with this topper, which now sits in our china hutch with our wedding crystal and other keepsakes.

Custom Bridal Dolls

Custom bridal dolls by Alana Bennett (photo by Lone Pine Photography)

Custom bridal dolls by Alana Bennett (photo by Nubia Gonzalez)

These are gorgeous Tonner dolls adorned with our wedding outfits.  Mine even has my calla lily bouquet and bridal bouquet and my husband’s even has a peacock feather boutonniere!  Some people have swatches of fabric from their wedding dress for a keepsake — we have doll-sized recreations! 🙂

Our dolls stand in a bookcase with our framed wedding photos and wedding albums.  I can’t look at my wedding dress and trousseau everyday, but I can look at a miniature version and remember our wedding day. ❤

If you want to have a personalized addition to your wedding, please visit my mother-in-law’s website.

And here is the RL version of our dolls. 🙂

Tanya & Brian Hughes (photo by Lone Pine Photography)