I had asked my fiance a while back what he preferred for his boutonniere – a flower or a feather – and he chose feather, and as peacock feathers are part of my vintage theme, I opted to use them.  I had practiced a few before this project (Boutonniere Experiments), and had considered making a ribbon calla lily, but have since decided to keep with the peacock feathers (and my fiance’s wishes!).

I bought my peacock feathers off eBay.  Make sure you look for “small eyes”.  The first ones I purchased didn’t say that, and I ended up with huge tail feathers (which I’ll be utilizing in other ways at my wedding).

For this project I used the following supplies:

Peacock feathers (cleaned), small eyes

Swarovski crystals

2.5″ leaf spray

1/4″ ribbon

Silver jewelry wire

Green floral wire

Floral tape


Corsage pins

First, I sorted through my feathers and chose some that had about the same size eyes, plus a smaller one to use with my fiance’s boutonniere as I was putting two feathers on his.  I measured the feather about 5 inches and then cut the stem and trimmed the feathers.  Then I cut the floral stem to the same length and wired crystals on the jewelry wire to make a spray before wiring it all together with the floral wire.

I then wrapped floral tape around the stem to hide the wire and edges.

Then I wrapped the ribbon around the stem, covering the tape.  I sewed the edge of the ribbon to keep it in place.

And as this is my fiance’s boutonniere and I want it to look different than the others, I tied it with an ivory ribbon, pinning the bow into place with invisible thread.

I followed the same steps with the groomsmen/father boutonniere’s, but used clear crystals instead of emerald ones and green ribbon, then put a corsage pin in each one.

For the last step, I wrapped them in tissue paper and placed them all in a box for safekeeping until my wedding day. 🙂