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Got another project out of the way yesterday as I made my bridal hair combs!  I am actually going to only be wearing one of these, but decided to make another as the wax orange blossoms are very fragile, and I wanted to make sure that I had a backup.  I’m going to be wearing a lacy mantilla, so I don’t want a lot of extra bling in my hair, so one comb will suffice.

Orange blossoms are a historic tradition that I definitely wanted to incorporate into my bridal attire.  I have looked for quite a while for wax orange blossoms and couldn’t find any that weren’t already made into a headpiece.  I wanted them loose so that I could make my own comb for the fraction of the cost.  I ended up finding these at Lacis in Berkeley over the summer and got them for $10.  There  was another bunch of them and I should have bought those, too, but alas, they were gone when I came back…. The condescending salesperson (yes, the customer service here is greatly lacking and perhaps the WORST that I have EVER witnessed in a retail store) told me matter-of-factly that they were from the 1920’s…. well, they could be dated to anywhere from the Victorian era up to the 1960’s and the only thing I can be sure of is that they are vintage….

Anyway, my wax orange blossoms were gathered in a bunch so I separated the wires so I could arrange them myself on my comb.  They are very fragile, so I had to be careful with them.  One of the blossoms had already come off it’s wire while it they were wrapped in tissue paper and put away in a box.  I did reinforce a few loose blossoms with tacky glue, so hopefully that helps and these will make it through my wedding day!

I used silver combs from PJ Crafts on eBay, which are the same ones that I used for my mantilla veil.  I love these because they are good quality, small, and the holes on the top are perfect for crafts.  After I had separated my orange blossoms, I carefully wired them on to my comb into an arrangement, looping the wire around a couple of times to secure it.

Then I took some Swarovski crystals and silver jewelry wire and beaded a strand to go under the orange blossoms and around the comb to add a little bling and cover up the wires.

I already had these as I am using these beads for some other wedding projects.  After I wired the strand of crystals on the comb, I took some more jewelry wire and carefully wrapped it around the top of the comb, further securing the beads and orange blossoms.

Vintage Wax Orange Blossom Bridal Comb

Afterwards, I did end up cutting a small piece of felt and gluing it to the back of my comb, covering up the wires.  I did this because the wires tended to get caught in my hair (yes, I tried it on!).  That worked well and I also did the same with the following comb.

Vintage Faux Pearl and Emerald Swarovski Crystal Comb

This is my backup comb. It’s made of vintage faux pearls that I found on eBay, which I first wired on in two layers with silver jewelry wire.  Then I used emerald Swarovski crystal beads in the center.  The emerald is my birthstone as well as the base color for my wedding.