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My sewing/crafting time has been consumed lately by the creation of my bridesmaids dresses.  I have a maid of honor and nine bridesmaids in my bridal party and decided a while back that I wanted to make their dresses for the same reason why I made my wedding dress — I couldn’t find what I wanted.  The BM dresses are short emerald green crepe back satin dresses and are all going to be a little different.  The MOH dress is a royal blue crepe back satin floor length gown with a similar shape to my wedding underdress.  I have four dresses done and will be making all but two (my future mother-in-law will be making the other two for her stepdaughter and granddaughter).  I am greatly looking forward to seeing my girls in their dresses (and of course FINISHING them!).  I’ll be posting pics of the dresses at a later date…..

So since I didn’t feel like sewing today (been taking a wee bit of a Christmas break from sewing), I decided to get my card box out of the way.  I’ve had it sitting in my sewing area since July, and I’ve been looking forward to completing it and putting it away until the wedding.

I had decided to use a hatbox as my cardbox several months before I got this one and had looked at a few new ones at craft stores, but always thought they were too expensive for what they are (it’s CARDBOARD!).  I am a fan of giving new life to recycled items and had been perusing thrift stores for vintage hatboxes when I ran across this one.

I bought it for $4 from a thrift store in the Sierras.  The lid was broken and I taped it up.  It’s an I Magnin (San Francisco luxury department store) hatbox that I am guessing it is from the 1930’s-1940’s and I consider it a find.

I noticed that a previous owner had repaired the bottom with contact paper and did a pretty good job it.

The prettiest part of this box is the top logo, but c’est la vie, it’s going to be resurrected into it’s new life as a fixture at the joyous occasion of my wedding. 🙂

Before I started draping my box, I had to reinforce the lid as it was sagging and needed some structure.   I found some old foam poster board in my dad’s shop and decided to use it for this purpose.  I first drew an outline of the lid and then cut it with an exacto knife.

I then took the circle and glued it, sticking it to the underside of my lid.

I put some weight over it to help the glue bond and left it alone for a little while until it dried.

Next, I drew a pattern for the card slot cut-out, making sure the opening wide and long enough for big cards.  (I had to draw two patterns as the first one wasn’t centered, hence the squiggly lines)

Then I carefully cut it out with my knife.  It took me about three turns around my pattern before it went all the way through, as it had to get through the foam board and the hatbox.

Next I laid the lid and box over my fabric and cut out patterns.  You can use wrapping paper or any other material to cover the hatbox, I opted for fabric as I like the look and the draping effect.  The lid fabric is a cotton paisley quilting fabric I got from JoAnn’s that I think evokes kind of a peacock feather feel (there will be a lot of peacock feathers at my wedding).  The box fabric is a thick green satin I got on clearance from Beverly’s.  I’ll be using both fabric to cover my guestbook as well.

Then I gathered the fabric, pulling it taut, and glued it to the box, doing the same for the bottom as for the lid.  I started out using hot glue, but ran out of sticks and used tacky glue.  I fully recommend using hot glue as it works far better for this project with it’s quick adhesive.  I live in a rural area and not close to anywhere that sells glue sticks, so I was a little out luck, plus being a Taurus, I was a little impatient about completing this project once I started it, so I used what I had (and yes, the tacky glue works fine, it just takes some time to set).

I trimmed the fabric and glued the edges after the glue dried a bit.  Then I cut the fabric where the card slot is.  I recommend cutting down the middle and then pulling the fabric over the slot edges, gluing on the inside, so that it covers the edges, unlike what I did.  But, eh, live and learn, right?

I then glued some coordinating ribbon on the lid to kinda cover up the slot edges, and also, because I love ribbon and think it looks nice. 🙂

I had to do another layer of ribbons over this as I set this down on newspaper (yes, big mistake) and the glue picked up some of the ink and paper.  I also recommend using hot glue for the ribbon and not tacky glue ………

And lastly, I made a sign for the cardbox with cardstock and some really cool glitter letter stickers that I’ll be using for other wedding projects.  I didn’t glue the sign down yet as I’ll be packing this cardbox away and want the sign to still stick up on my wedding day.