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Now that I have my muslin pattern made and altered I can start on sewing my wedding dress!

I took the muslin pattern of my underdress apart (again) and laid it out on my fabric.  It was then that I wished that I had gotten a different color of muslin other than white as it would be easier to see, but oh well, live and learn!  I laid my pattern out and cut the ivory peau de soie (or duchesse) satin out.

Muslin pattern pieces laid out for cutting
Pieces pinned and cut

Next, I cut out the interfacing and lining for the bodice.  I used fusible interfacing and white cotton voile for the lining.  I don’t care much for polyester lining and my future MIL suggested the cotton voile, which I really like.

Cotton voile lining

Fusible interfacing

And then I assembled the bodice, which has two layers of lining with the interfacing.

Assembling the bodice

Sewing the bodice

Then I worked on assembling the panel pieces of the skirt and lining.

Sewing the satin skirt

Sewing the lining and skirt together

Next, I sewed the bodice and skirt together.  As you can see, I’ve added straps, which are just pinned on for now.  This is a dressform that I’ve been altering to fit my shape and I’ll post a tutorial DIY blog about that later as the dressform is still a work-in-progress.

Wedding underdress, first look

I did install an invisible zipper to the back of the dress but after trying it on, decided that I didn’t like the zipper too much nor the way it fit/looked and decided to go with back lacing instead, which I’ll be working on shortly.

Back side of dress, pinned in place

I haven’t yet pressed the entirety of my dress as I’m [obviously] still working on it, but once I do so, it should look more polished.  I’ll be adding this ribbon to the empire waistline.  The ribbon is from my grandmother’s bridal trousseau.  I hope to find some satin ribbon for the back lacing that matches it.

Dress with my grandmother's bridal ribbon temporarily tied to the waist

After I finish the corset back and adjust the straps the way that I like them, I’ll be working on the underdress’s embellishments, which include silk chiffon rosettes and possibly beading on the straps and maybe on the ribbon at the waist.  I will probably sew the overdress first before working on the dress decorations.  So glad to see my vision coming to fruition!  I was a little upset last night when I sewed in the zipper and had been considering making a whole new dress, but I figured out how to make the dress the way I want it and I envision something very beautiful.   This way, I can take off my wedding overdress at the reception and have some hidden details to show on my underdress!